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Locally owned and operated, Barry's is committed to offering accurate and timely estimates, professional and reliable movers, competitive rates, and a personal touch.

We know moving can be stressful, and that not everyone knows what information they are looking for when calling around for quotes. Maybe you have never used movers before? or have not moved in years. That's fine! We understand the nature of the industry and we are more than happy to walk you through it; from beginning to end, and answer any of your questions. Give us a call during office hours for more information.

In the mean time, here is some information below.

It is a good idea when calling for quotes to 1. not only get the hourly rate, but also 2. how many people and 3. what size of truck they will be coming with for that rate.

We only bill hourly for local moves or by flat rate for longer moves, not by weight. Your bill will only be for actual time spent on your move, or the pre-agreed upon amount, plus GST.

We never charge an additional fee for stairs.

Our hourly rates vary by:
1. Size of Truck (1 Ton or 5 Ton) and,
2. Amount of Employees (minimum 2) on the job.

We determine the above information based on the information you provide us, or the information our estimator gathers at your Free in home estimate. The more accurate the information you provide the better the quote.

***Please note we have a minimum 2 hour charge on all jobs***
*** 10% charge on moves that are booked on Stat Holidays***

All moving fees are included in our hourly rates.
Your bill is calculated as: YOUR RATE x TIME + 5% GST = $FINAL AMOUNT$.
You will NEVER see surprise charges like a Fuel Surcharge, Stair Surcharge, etc. show up on your bill.

For the safety of your belongings and our employees, if you have any large appliances and/or a piano OR if you are moving in or out of a property that has plenty of stairs, we STRONGLY suggest (or will require if it is a safety issue) to use a 3 or more crew team. That way one person can stay and pack your belongings in the truck and keep them safe, as well as ensure your heavier belongings are safely moved, and the packing is done properly.

The hourly rate increases for each additional person, but your move will end up taking less time, which often ends up being a very similar final amount.

Average Local Move Times (with 2 Employees and a Truck):
1 Bedroom Apartment = 3-4 hours
2 Bedroom Condo = 4–6 hours
3 Bedroom House = 5–7 hours

Remember, these are average move times only! Call us or book a Free In-Home Estimate for the most accurate quote.

Other factors to consider:
Travel time between move out and move in locations,
How close can we get the truck to the front door at each location,
How many, if any, large items are there?
How many stairs are there?
Are there any low laying power lines?
Any other safety issues?
Are you packed and ready to go? (Check out our moving tips for some ideas)

For the last forty years, Barry's Moving and Storage has provided quality service to individuals and businesses seeking moving and storage facilities in Greater Victoria, the Gulf Islands, and throughout BC and Alberta.

Whatever your relocation needs are, let Barry's Moving and Storage demonstrate the care and attention to detail that have earned us our longstanding reputation.

Spring has sprung!

Today we celebrate the first day Spring and enjoy equal measures of day and night. Tonight is also a Super Moon. A Super Moon appears brighter and larger because the moon is at its closest approach to earth in its orbit.

Have a move day that is drawing close? Call Barry’s Moving and Storage at (250) 475-0022 to book your move.

Barry’s Moving and Storage is a locally owned and operated residential and commercial moving company serving the Victoria, Esquimalt, Oak Bay, Langford, Metchosin and Sooke, as well as other parts of Vancouver Island since 1975.

A Moving St. Patrick Day Limerick.

I once heard a customer say,
Our move out is over, HURRAY!
We called this bloke Barry’s
To our home he did not tarry
And he moved in the most competent of ways!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day – from Barry’s Moving and Storage.

Did you know the symbol of St. Patrick’s day is a Shamrock, the national flower of Ireland, and not a lucky four-leaf-clover? Don’t leave your move day to luck.

Happy Chinese Lunar New Year!

We at Barry’s Moving wish you a happy Chinese Lunar New Year. Chinese New Year is also known as the Spring Festival. As Spring approaches so do Spring Cleaning jobs and house moves. If you are looking for local moving companies, we are a Victoria moving company servicing Vancouver Island moves and the Gulf Islands. Now is the time for new beginnings and fresh starts.

Happy New Year! 2019 here we come

Barry's Moving Company would like to thank all our wonderful customers, vendors, staff and crew a very happy new year. We look forward to another year of helping Victoria BC move. We strive to be one of the best moving companies in Victoria BC. Let's continue to grow, build, and move as the Victoria community knows how to do so well. Happy 2019 everyone!

Happy Holidays from Barry's Moving!

Happy Holidays from the owners, staff, and crew at Barry's Moving & Storage Ltd. We hope it is a kind holiday season filled with smiles and warm memories. If we moved you this past year, we hope your new home is treating you well.

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