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Commercial Deliveries

There are not many moving companies in Victoria that can boast 40 years of professional moving service. Barry's Moving and Storage has a record of excellent moving service.

If you sell appliances, furniture, office equipment, or any large items and just can’t keep up with the delivery demand, give us a call and we can discuss the option of setting up a deliveries contract with you! Sell that delivery truck and let us take care of the deliveries for you.

Call our office today at 250-475-0022 and set up and estimate appointment to discuss it!

Barry's can help you move your offices from one location to another. Our team is experienced with taking apart and putting back together desks, cupboards, cabinets, and other office furniture, as well as moving large equipment like printers and filing cabinets and their contents with our one-of-a-kind filing carts. For these moves, we require a Free In-Office Estimate, since offices vary. Give us a call and we can book a visit with our estimator. After the estimate we will provide your office with a quote for the expected cost - based on all the factors unique to your move.

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