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Barry's Moving & Storage Ltd. Sponsors Youth Sport In The Community

Barry's Moving & Storage Ltd. has been a trusted, reliable, and locally-owned business operating in the greater Victoria area, on Vancouver Island, and throughout the Gulf Islands for the last 40 years. But Barry's commitment to success, quality, and excellence is not limited to its professional movers' activities. We at Barry's Moving company believe believe that it is important for local businesses to have a presence in the community, and to contribute to the well-being of all its members -- particularly the youth. For this reason, for the last several years, Barry's has been sponsoring the South Vancouver Island Crimson Tide, a set of local representative junior rugby teams consisting of boys and girls ranging from 14 to 19 years of age.

In July of each year, these teams participate in a competitive tournament known as the Pacific Regional Championships, held at UBC's Wolfson Fields in Vancouver. This tournament is a fantastic opportunity to showcase regional talent and bring together young players from across British Columbia. It is as a result


of this tournament that many young rugby players have the opportunity to be seen by coaches and selectors, and therefore have the chance to qualify for other representative sides. This could include playing for the BC Provincial squad at the Western Canadian Championships, and at the National Rugby Festival, held in August every year (and taking place in Sherbrooke, Quebec this summer). Potentially, these players could one day even be part of the starting lineup for the Canadian National team. With rugby being one of the most popular sports in British Columbia, and given its debut in seven-a-side format at the Rio Summer Games next year, the possibility of one day representing Canada is a dream for many young rugby players. This dream has a good chance of becoming reality, as Victoria is a stronghold for rugby in this nation and the headquarters of the Rugby Canada training and competition facilities.

Barry's sponsorship of the South Vancouver Island Crimson Tide program has helped enable junior teams to purchase uniforms each year (which include a competition jersey, T-shirt, shorts, and socks), and has also assisted with travel costs for several young athletes who would not otherwise have been able to attend tournaments. The boys' and girls' junior Tide program has enjoyed great success in the past, winning many gold, silver and bronze medals over the years, and with many players going on to represent BC at the National level. Barry's Movers in BC looks forward to another banner year for the Crimson Tide junior rugby organization and wishes the players all the best for their upcoming 2020 season!

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