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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions


When should I book my move?

It's a good idea to book as soon as you can. If you are planning a move and require our services, please call or email us to book a free in-home estimate as soon as possible. Our team knows that accurate information leads to a more accurate quote, and are prepared to quickly deliver a moving plan based on the layout of your home, available parking, required crew members, and other factors. Keep in mind - the busiest times to book a move are in the late spring, early summer, end of the month, and on weekends! If you have to move during this time, we suggest you book well in advance. 


How long will it take and how much will it cost?

For Local Moves we bill hourly, so the price will reflect the particularities of each move. Some factors include the layout of your home, stairs, elevators, what and how much is being moved, the size and weight of larger items, whether the move includes a piano, what the travel time will be, how many drop-off locations there are, how close the truck can get to your pick-up and drop-off location, etc. In-home estimates let us plan for these factors in advance and avoid any surprises.

For Long Distance Moves we bill by Flat Rate. We will provide a quote based on the information you provide or that we gather at the Free In-Home Estimate. If you are satisfied with the price, that will be the number on the bill The cost will cover EVERYTHING - fuel, labour, travel costs (ferries, reservations, hotels)+ 5% GST. The set price covers any unforeseen events, like extra time spent in the event of a traffic jam. Please note, if your move details drastically change please check with us to see if will effect the price of your move. If the move details do significantly change because you added items or did not fully disclose the correct information the price may be subject to change.


Is there a minimum charge?

Yes, there is a 2 hour minimum charge on all jobs. We then charge in 15 minute increments thereafter. Billable time starts at our warehouse (Devonshire Road, Esquimalt, BC), preparing the truck, travel time to all loading locations and unloading locations. 


What are your rates?

Again, that depends. It depends on how many employees are working and how long it takes to complete your move.

For the safety of our employees and your items, if there are large items such as a piano or appliances, or the layout of the pick up or drop off location is unfavourable, or if you are in an apartment, we would have to send 3 or more employees. We determine this based on the in home estimate or the information you provide over the phone or email. 

For current rates for residential and commercial moves and contracts please contact our office directly.


When and how do I pay?

We require payment in full at the end of the job. We accept credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS or DISCOVER), cheque, cash, or e transfer ( Please note, our drivers do no carry any change.


Do your movers accept tips?

If you feel like giving your movers a tip, you are more than welcome to. It is up to you, but of course it is not mandatory. Cash or credit card is accepted. For credit card tips we can add the tip amount to the invoice, just let the driver know the amount when signing the Bill of Lading at the end of the move.


What locations does Barry's cover?

Barry's primarily moves in the Greater Victoria Area. Including Victoria, Saanich, Oak Bay, the Westshore, Sidney, Sooke etc. We also move people to and from Duncan, Nanaimo, Campbell River, Comox, Port Alberni and the Gulf Islands.  We also go to Vancouver and the lower mainland.


Does Barry's use Temporary Labour Services? (Temp agencies)

99% of the time, No. Most of our employees have been with us for a long time and we like to hire our own employees. We avoid situations having to use temp employees. We rather use our trusted employees so we know our customers are getting professional and reliable services, and we can hold our staff accountable. There are some situations where more employees are required, usually really BIG jobs, and we may need the extra hand and in that case may use temp labour, supervised by our staff. 


Are you, or someone you know looking for employment? Apply here. We are always looking to add dependable, hard working on-call part time employees to our roster.


What kind of Storage facilities does Barry's have?

Barry's storage is secure and private, meaning it is not self-storage. Only our employees have access to the storage facility and our employees move everything in and out. This type of storage is often used when customers are in between homes and need to store their belongings somewhere until they get possession of their new home.


Can I leave my items in my dresser/file cabinet?

Yes, if it is only clothing in the dresser it should be okay. Please make sure to remove any loose items like jewelry, medication or other small loose items that may spill out if a dresser did tip over.

Only keep files in a filing cabinet and it if it is a standard letter size filing cabinet it should be fine. If it is more than 4 drawers or a legal-size file cabinet, it will need to be empty before we move it.


When do I get the wardrobe/picture boxes?

We bring these on move day. We can pack and unpack them at no additional cost to the customer. We do not bring them prior to move day, as we use these daily on the trucks.

If your paintings/pictures are extremely valuable we suggest moving these yourselves before your move date if possible.


Do you have boxes for a TV?

Kind of, however we do not provide boxes for a TV but can wrap them in a furniture blanket on move day.

Many flat screens these days can fit into a picture/mirror box which we can bring you on your move date. 


What do I do if my possession time to get out of a residence and in a new residence are different dates and times?

Barry’s can pick it up one day and hold overnight at an additional fee of $50.00 per night per truck. If it is a scenario where it is days or longer apart for whatever reason, we can store your contents in our secure storage facility until it is time to deliver the contents back to you.


What things should we consider for moving in/out of a retirement home facility?

When a someone is moving in or out of a retirement home the key thing booking a move is when can the elevator be used, and when can it not be used. We never want to occupy an elevator during mealtimes or other events that may be happening within the building. Also, if there is a contact that we can communicate with on move day if the person will not be home for the move and have assigned someone else to oversee the move.


Do you have a truck with a liftgate?

Yes, we have a five-ton truck with a liftgate. If you need this truck for a specific move, please call our office to see if we can accommodate.


Do you move propane tanks?

No, we do not move propane tanks unless they are empty. We will not move the tanks when there is propane in them. Please disconnect all propane tanks from your barbecue.


What happens if something got damaged during my move?

If anything is damaged during the move we will work with you and cover the costs of repair or replacement. Most times the employees on the move will notify you of damages as soon as it happens, or as soon as they can. If you find something is damaged after the movers have already left, please call our office at 250-475-0022 to let us know so we can look into the damaged item.

Some delicate items are not covered such as plants, glass objects, and lamps. We highly suggest you move these yourself. 


Is packing included with the moving rate?

No. Our moving rates are only for ready and packed move jobs. We do offer packing services. If packing is required make sure to let us know so we can plan for this. We will need to send our packers to you before the move, usually the day before. Packing services are charged at the same hourly rate as our moving rate. There is a two hour minimum.


Why do we require 3 employees on some jobs? (example: apartments with long elevator times, places with a lot of stairs)

1. For the safety and liability of your stuff while it is being moved as well as when it is on our trucks. We need to move heavier objects the right way. We need to pack everything right so nothing breaks during transit. We also need to make sure no one steals any of your stuff while it is on our trucks, so the additional employee makes sure of this. 

2. For the safety of our employees. We care about our employees, their safety, and their health!


Where can I leave a review?

Click here to leave a review for us on Google!

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