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Commercial Mover

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Barry's Moving and Storage have variety of different sized trucks, some with lifted gates. We have all the equipment required to safely move your office or commercial delivery. Our friendly and efficient staff will see that your move is completed with expertise and on schedule.

Communication with our clients is very important for any office move. We work closely with you to make sure everything from computers and cables, to wall hangings and coffee makers make it to their destination. Careful labeling and colour coding will insure your office is moved properly and set up intact.

Moving is a significant event in any business, no matter how big or small. Moving an office is a time-consuming job that requires careful planning. We are here to help you make your office move a success.

For office moves we insist that a free in office estimate/quote is completed to ensure we have time to review the contents of the move, plan the right size trucks, send the right amount of employees and review the access of all loading and unloading points to ensure all stress is minimized. We also provide you with our plan and the expected cost.

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