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In Home Estimates - Phase 3

Good job BC! With the news of Victoria entering Phase 3, we are excited to start booking free in home estimates again. Of course with taking all the necessarily precautions.

However, If your move is smaller than a typical 3 bedroom, please feel free to use our Request an Estimate form on our website instead! When you do, please include as many details are possible (pretend your an Estimator). If you remember something later, and you already booked with us, call us and we will update your details. It can cause some extra stress when our crew arrives and there is a surprise piano or fish tank! We want to be as prepared as possible and bring the right tools and amount of employees.

We are still not offering packing services at this time. An update will be provided when this changes. Be packed and ready to go. If you are not packed our crew may leave and we will have to reschedule.

Let's keep flattening the curve, and move forward together!

Thank you,

Barry's Moving

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