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Prepping for the big move

With all the packing and planning necessary leading up to a big move, it is sometimes difficult to think of everything that needs to be done so that things go smoothly once the movers arrive. Below are some handy tips to ensure that the experienced and helpful staff at Barry’s Moving & Storage, located in Victoria BC, can move you and your precious belongings as swiftly, efficiently, and carefully as possible.

1. Have a look at the driveway and make sure there is plenty of room to park the truck. Did you know that one of our trucks requires the equivalent of 3 parking spaces?

2. If there's ice on the ground, sprinkle some salt or gravel on the road, driveway, sidewalk, and any walkways that the movers will use. Similarly, ensure that these pathways are free from debris and clutter.

3. Even fallen leaves, once damp and decaying, can pose a danger, as they become slippery over time. Aim to troubleshoot for pitfalls well before the moving crew arrives.

4. If you've just had new carpets installed, be sure to let us know ahead of time so that we can bring along carpet runners to protect the floors.

5. If you live in an apartment or condo with an elevator, be sure you inquire well in advance as to whether you are required to reserve the elevator for your move.

6. If you require speciality moving boxes, such as picture boxes or wardrobe boxes, be sure to tell us in advance so we can bring them on moving day. If using wardrobe boxes, don’t worry about removing your clothing from closet hangers - we will do that for you on the day!

7. Should you run out of time or require an extra hand, our movers can even pack for you! Just let us know in ahead of time so we can schedule you in accordingly.

8. If you wish to pack up on your own, Barry’s Moving & Storage has a full array of packing supplies, including boxes for purchase or loan. Come pick up your moving boxes anytime before your move date — or if you’re too pressed for time, we’ll even deliver all the boxes you need right to your door!

For more information and tips on helping your move go smoothly — or to book a free estimate — visit our website, and make your next move a Barry’s move!

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