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Moving to Victoria and Vancouver Island from the Mainland

Moving to Victoria, or anywhere on Vancouver Island? 

Moving to Victoria and the Island has some special planning requirements. We can provide you with an estimate by phoning us or emailing us at our office.

The first step would be to discuss your move with our office and our Estimator. We can offer you something simple, like taking an early AM ferry over to Vancouver, picking up your belongings and catch the next ferry back. Often times if it a large home, we will keep your belongings secured on our truck at our warehouse and deliver them to your new home in Victoria the following day. This cuts costs on any over time rates.

Because of so many factors, we would come up with the best plan of action with you prior.

If you would like to discuss your long distance move, please call us at (250) 475-0022 or Request an Estimate.

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