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Updated: May 5, 2020

As Barry's continues to monitor the current pandemic, we have implemented new policies and procedures to do our part. We are open and booking jobs.

Updated safety measures you can expect from the Barry’s Moving & Storage team include:

· Ensuring staff are experiencing zero symptoms before each workday;

· Briefing staff on cleanliness measures to be taken before, during, and after each move;

· Making an effort to keep the same work crews together;

· Only scheduling our employees/ not using temporary labourers;

· Stocking our moving trucks with hand sanitizer, gloves, and masks;

· Working closely with customers to minimize the risk to those most vulnerable, including elders and the immunocompromised;

· Ensuring staff experiencing symptoms are supported in staying home and self-isolating;

· Offering quick and comprehensive quotes over the phone; and

· Emailing estimates, invoices, and electronic payments.

We want to thank our staff, customers, and our community for their ongoing efforts, and for their understanding.

Barry's Moving & Storage

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