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Wardrobe boxes are perfect for clothes that need to remain hanging for the duration of your move. This is the fastest and most convenient way to pack your closets. It only takes a few minutes to move the clothes on hangers from your closet to the bar in the moving boxes. Let us know how many to bring to you to use on your move date. They are free of charge just to use on that day. In case you forget, we always carry some on the truck just in case.

Wardrobe boxes perfect for other bulky, lightweight items such as comforters, pillows, and blankets.

If you need them for longer or want to keep them forever we can sell them to you. Wardrobe Box & Bar cost $16.00 each plus applicable taxes (24 X 20 X 45"). Make sure to let us know if you plan on buying them beforehand.

If you need boxes, they are $3.00 per box for a two cube, and $4.00 per box for a 4 cube box, plus applicable taxes.

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Sometimes you cannot move into your new place right away, So Barry's Moving and Storage provides large, secure storage for our customers. If there is some time between your move out date and your move in date, our team can move you into our storage temporarily and into your new home when you get the keys.

Our storage isn't "self storage" so it wouldn't work if you need to come and go all the time to grab a few things. It is ideal for those needing a place for their stuff when out of town, a place to store your seasonal equipment, and those in between homes. Our crew will move your stuff in and out of storage.

The first month of storage is free, then is billed monthly. A bin is $95/month (6X7X7), and a Cage is $160/month (6X8X12) plus 5% GST.

A valid credit card is required.

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